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  • Dec 4

    Atwood's Tavern


  • Dec 5

    The New World Tavern


  • Dec 20

    The Press Room


  • Dec 23



  • Dec 31

    The Rack - Sugarloaf Mountain





Check out what's new with us! Fourth album coming soon!



 Maine! Don't miss us at Port City Music Hall, Jan 3rd! More tour dates here.



"Makes you want to scream at people to make them aware of the awesomeness that they are more than likely missing." - No Depression

"A six-piece living inferno." - Dispatch Magazine

"I guarantee you a kick-ass time, a hangover, and a crush that won't quit." - Deli Magazine 

"When we first listen to a band, our brain reflexively logs them under the most fitting genre masthead, waiting for the next time your itch for “noise-core goth rock” needs to be scratched. Rare are the bands that challenge the inexorable classification by playing whatever the hell they want. Take a gamble to overthrow the whole system by listening to New England’s wildly eclectic crew of genre rebels, The Mallett Brothers Band...." - Texas Hill Country Explore 

   The Mallett Brothers Band, "Take It Slow"




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